Early Childhood Education

Waiapu Kids is Anglican Care Waiapu’s network of Early Childhood Education & Care Centres and Homebased Service. Running across the Bay of Plenty, Hawke’s Bay and in Gisborne, Waiapu Kids offers children a stunning variety of activities and learning opportunities all based on the Early Childhood Curriculum.

Every Waiapu Kids Centre and Homebased Service is Ministry of Education licensed and operates to the highest quality and best practice modelling. Fun, learning, loads of involvement from families and whanau and a wonderfully safe environment is guaranteed for every child that comes to Waiapu Kids.

We have six Early Childhood Centres throughout the Hawke’s Bay, Bay of Plenty and Eastland regions, and a Homebased Childcare Service in the Bay of Plenty.

Our Waiapu Kids Centres and Homebased Services make a significant difference in their communities. This experience is driven by the passion, professionalism and experience of managers, staff and educators and their focus on the interests of the children and families.

The landscape of our Waiapu Kids Early Childhood Centres is incredibly varied and reflects the cultural diversity of our communities. We are very fortunate to have experienced and highly qualified Māori and Pasifika staff in senior positions. This makes their leadership amongst our whānau and Pasifika families very important.

All our Waiapu Kids Early Childhood Centres perform well and each one has special qualities that are unique to their community. Our ERO reports continue to be positive and these are an important part of the continuing development of this service.