Our History

Our history is one of faith, dedication and partnership.

Anglican Care Waiapu has inherited a rich legacy of social services. The pattern of missionary ministry brought to Waiapu by Bishop William Williams and his wife Jane demonstrates the balance between education and pastoral care that became the mark of Waiapu.

Social services grew out of the passion, dedication and sacrifice of individuals and parishes within the faith community of Waiapu, who together with the support of local communities, government and funding agencies reached out to those in need.

In 1979 the Waiapu Anglican Social Services Association was set up to support social services work across the Diocese of Waiapu, with the Waiapu Anglican Social Services Trust Board being formed in 1991.

Anglican Care (Waiapu) Ltd was formed in 1997 to provide oversight and management of our various residential aged care facilities.

In 2013 the leadership, management and service delivery of Waiapu Anglican Social Services Trust Board was merged together with Anglican Care (Waiapu) Ltd and now operates as one organisation under the name of Anglican Care Waiapu.

Although our environment, social services and model of service delivery is different from our beginnings, our passion for the vulnerable and isolated has not waned.